Published: Thu, April 27, 2017
IT&Software | By Jimmie Castillo

Buckle up! Uber to launch 'flying cars' by 2020

Buckle up! Uber to launch 'flying cars' by 2020

But he took to a Dallas stage on Tuesday to announce that Uber will offer a flying-car taxi service in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and Dubai by 2020 - something he said "fits cleanly into our mission" and Uber's focus on "big bold bets".

Taxi hailing service Uber said it would make airborne cabs a reality after choosing the emirate, along with Dallas, to develop its Uber Elevate Network of electric, vertical take-off and landing vehicles. They will also have zero emissions and will be quiet enough to operate in cities.

The BBC noted the technology isn't proven yet, but Uber thinks their flying auto service could cost around the same as their vehicle transportation system. Anyone else finding this all a bit suspish? So really, it's more than a flying auto; it's a flying taxi.

Well, if anyone can do it, it's probably Travis Kalanick. Recently it has revealed that they will start testing such flying cars with coming years.

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Preliminary estimations show flying taxis would cut down travel time between San Francisco's Marina to downtown San Jose, for example, to 15 minutes. Holden demonstrated a possible in-app option for customers to select "UberAir" much like they choose between UberPool and UberXL.

Uber is working with Hillwood Properties to develop four "vertiports" to handle the flying taxis in Dallas, starting next year, Holden said. Earlier this year, Uber had also revealed that it hired NASA aircraft engineer Mark Moore to work on Uber Elevate, its flying vehicle initiative.

Not content with its land-based ride service, the company believes its vision for flying taxis will make air transportation a part of our daily lives in the future.

For now, Uber is not looking to manufacture the vehicles but partner with other "experienced aircraft manufacturers" to work on them. It's also going to work with aircraft manufacturers who are already developing VTOL vehicles, like Bell Helicopter and Embraer. Dallas-Fort Worth is looking to be the first metropolitan area in the U.S. to explore a flying auto pilot and Uber also recently entered into a partnership with the Dubai Road and Transport Authority, which will be funding studies for demand modelling in the region to better understand pricing and network optimisation.

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