Published: Wed, April 26, 2017
Business | By Pat Ferguson

Internet firms winding up for a fight on 'net neutrality'

Internet firms winding up for a fight on 'net neutrality'

Recode reported on Monday that Pai will reveal his plans for how to move forward on net neutrality, the set of rules of the road for broadband service that prohibit them from blocking or slowing content, or from creating "fast lanes" for companies that pay for speedier access to consumers.

Pai, named chairman by Republican President Donald Trump in January, said a year ago the FCC should have repealed the ban on ownership of a broadcast station and newspaper in the same market, citing the closing of 400 USA newspapers, or about a quarter of daily titles, since 1975 as advertising revenue has sharply declined.

"The internet industry is uniform in its belief that net neutrality preserves the consumer experience, competition, and innovation online", the group said in a letter to the FCC. And it could pave the way for the FCC to reverse a key decision, undertaken in 2015, to regulate Internet providers like legacy telephone companies.

According to the report, the FCC Chief is expected to incorporate suggestions from tech giants, telecom companies and public-interest advocates on an alternative legal approach for net neutrality and a formal exchange could begin next month.

Pai is introducing his net neutrality plan during a busy week in DC that will likely overshadow the FCC lead's anti-net-neutrality agenda.

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At least one big supporter of net neutrality - Netflix - has tempered its rhetoric recently.

Initially, Pai was rumored to be considering a major change in policy that would take the FCC out of the business of protecting net neutrality altogether. Last week, Pai met with officials from Facebook, Apple and others in Silicon Valley to discuss how to replace the FCC's net neutrality rules. In 2012, internet companies beat the entertainment industry in a fight over anti-piracy legislation after thousands of sites temporarily went dark in protest.

Companies collected millions of signatures and asked users to protest to lawmakers. John Oliver also dedicated a show segment to the topic, which raised awareness of an otherwise jargon-y, abstract issue.

"I certainly think we will try every possible avenue, including reaching back out to John Oliver", said Engine's executive director, Evan Engstrom.

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