Published: Sat, April 22, 2017
IT&Software | By Jimmie Castillo

New task manager for Windows, iOS, and Android, reveals Microsoft

New task manager for Windows, iOS, and Android, reveals Microsoft

Microsoft has made a decision to gut Wunderlist, capping off the to-do list app's history in Microsoft's turf since the Redmond, Washington-based tech company acquired it in 2015.

To-Do is still a work in progress, but right now you can create to-do lists, set up reminders, and track projects.

Wunderlist was a great app for collaborative to-do lists, letting teams work on a single unified breakdown of every task needed to be done. The tasks that you've assigned due dates to won't automatically be added to My Day when they're nearly due, but they will show up at the top of your Intelligent Suggestions alongside other tasks that To-Do believes you may want to complete today. To-Do will be powered and integrate the Office 365 Suite coupled with an intelligent algorithm. The company said it will not close down the old app until it is confident that it has incorporated the best of Wunderlist into the new To-Do app.

As the only task management app built on an enterprise cloud, To-Do offers the advanced security that our Office 365 customers expect. Microsoft also plans to release To-Do for Android tablets, along with the iPad and Mac PCs, sometime in the future. However, Wunderlist to-dos and To-Do to-dos won't automatically sync and users should use an importer built by Microsoft.

[Update] Microsoft has published a blog post about this app and this is the official successor to Wunderlist.

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Microsoft To-Do is now available to download in Preview across all major platforms including iPhone, Android, Windows and the web today.

The new feature has been available for some time as part of a "soft launch", but the company has now announced that it is "generally available" for all users to enjoy.

Prior to the addition of the phone sign-in feature, Microsoft's Authenticator generated one-time codes to support two-factor authentication for Microsoft and third-party accounts.

Microsoft is still working on this app to add more features and fine tune so it works perfectly. "We look forward to making To-Do even more useful, intuitive and personal", Microsoft explains. List sharing is also not available.

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