Published: Sun, April 23, 2017
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'Pretty Little Liars' Final Season Premiere Was Really the 'Spencer Hastings Show'

'Pretty Little Liars' Final Season Premiere Was Really the 'Spencer Hastings Show'

Mona is helping Hanna get her business back on track, Aria and Ezra haven't mentioned the wedding, and Alison all of a sudden hate Emily's guts. Haleb shippers can rejoice.

It has been seven years since we first started watching Pretty Little Liars.

The promotional photographs for episode 11 posted on Wet Paint show the girls preparing to open the massive gift box that was sent to them at the end of the season's winter finale. And what is A.D. delivering and how does it connect to the "final endgame"?

Pretty Little Liars fans have notably been teasing that Aria could be revealed as Uber A or A.D. for a while now, and even Hale's fellow cast members have hinted that Lucy Hale's character could eventually be unmasked. The new game is the Endgame. Things are not going well for any of them, but pregnant Ali feels she is in the worst situation. It's clear that blackmail is going to be a key player in this game.

Aww. But also, let's talk about how complicated the Hastings family tree is. Jenna is stopped from taking things further when Mary Drake appears and tells Spencer that she is her mother. Apparently, Mary posed as her twin Jessica and carried on her sister's affair with Peter. She admitted to Emily that she was exhausted of Alison always playing the victim and Emily running to her rescue all the time.

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Spencer told the Liars what she had done and they weren't all that happy about it. Hanna tried to destroy the game to find out what else was inside it but as she did so, the smartphone that formed part of the game showed footage of the Liars digging up Archer's (Huw Collins) body. After getting a binder from someone off camera, she smiled and declared "end game". She chooses "dare" and a picture of Toby's face flashes across the screen.

Although she was trying to move on and bond with Marco (Nicholas Gonzalez), Spencer (Troian Bellisario) still has Toby (Keegan Allen) on the brain and goes to his place to say goodbye before he left town. The EMT tells her that she's lost a lot of blood. The girls are always at their weakest when they split up and try to take on A or themselves. Then, the truth comes out so easily that Mary Drake was telling the truth that the entire scene nearly feels like it was all made up. Spencer was rewarded for her bravery with a handwritten letter from Mary Drake that seemed to corroborate her birth story, though. (For what?) The envelope also contains a puzzle piece that fits into the game.

"Emily (Shay Mitchell) butts heads with a teenager who's a new version of high school Alison (Sasha Pieterse)", reads the episode synopsis for Episode 12.

If there is another shooter, it could be the same person who kidnapped Jenna at the end of episode 10.

Remember that time in 7A when Hanna had a dream about Ali telling the girls that Noel pushed someone down some stairs at a party, and then she says it out loud like it's a fact and Ali goes along with it?

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