Published: Wed, May 17, 2017
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Cop Suffers Accidental OD in Fentanyl Drug Bust

Cop Suffers Accidental OD in Fentanyl Drug Bust

Cortez Collins (left) and Justin Buckle were pulled over by OH police officer Chris Green of the East Liverpool Police Department.

According to the police report, white powder was found on the auto seat, floor and shoes of one of the suspects in the vehicle.

Patrolman Green reportedly followed protocol for handling drugs and wore gloves and a mask while patting down Buckle and searching the suspects' auto for evidence.

Chris Green, an officer from East Liverpool in OH, collapsed after handling the substance, believed to be Fentanyl. The drug can get into the body just by touching it, and a small amount can be lethal. The paramedics previously called to the station for Buckel began tending to Green, immediately giving him a dose of the opioid antidote Narcan.

At the hospital, three additional doses had to be given to completely revive him.

Captain Wright said Green is fine as of Sunday.

The drug threatens the safety of police and first responders. "I started falling backwards to the door".

Officer Green is recovering at home from the overdose, but still not feeling well.

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Paramedics were already at the station tending to Justin Buckle, 25, the driver of the auto, and diverted their attention to Green. However, a version of the drug called Carfentanil, which is used as a tranquilizer on large animals, is 10,000 times more potent than morphine.

The video also contains the testimony of two police officers who overdosed on the drug just by handling it.

The powdered narcotics had spread throughout the suspect's vehicle, and apparently on officer Green as well.

Wright says their department no longer field tests drugs for fear they might inhale a deadly substance.

"I still don't remember anything from Saturday", Green said.

He, however, is speaking to prosecutors and other officials about how to legally seize the vehicle and have it destroyed, due to the suspected narcotics possibly still inside.

The suspects, Buckle and Collins, have been charged with tampering with evidence.

"He's lying on the couch", Lane said. The drug was actually the synthetic opioid, fentanyl, which is 50 times stronger than heroin. "I don't know if it went through my skin or if it became airborne when I wiped it off, or a combination of both". The drug's high potency makes it especially unsafe, with a high risk for overdose, particularly if a user is unaware the drug they are taking has been mixed with fentanyl. He said that this incident was an example of how police are forced to change the way they do their jobs do to this scary drug epidemic.

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