Published: Sat, May 13, 2017
Research | By Chelsea Rogers

Was a Giant Squid Carcass Found in Indonesia?

Was a Giant Squid Carcass Found in Indonesia?

Locals have asked the government to come and help them remove the body, the Globe reports.

Now, the dead animal has become a bit of a local celebrity, as residents stop by to catch a glimpse of whatever it might be. In 2015, a creature with a long beak and furry tail was found in Russian Federation, which baffled marine experts around the world.

An analysis of the images concluded that the find was actually the remains of a basking shark. In terms of size, both sperm whales and giant squids would seem to match, as both can reach similar lengths, though if the squid theory proves true it would be a particularly large specimen.

Locals had initially thought that the mysterious species was an elusive Giant Squid, but experts say that it is more likely to be a whale.

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The cause of the creature's death remains a mystery. "I doubt that it lived in our waters". However, it has fur.

Another mysterious, two ton sea creature washed up on a shore in the Philippines earlier in 2017.

Weighing two tonnes and measuring nearly 7m in length, locals speculated the creature was some sort of undiscovered dugong.

Vice did some more digging around and sent a photo of the creature to the Zoological Society of London, and someone there identified it as a baleen whale.

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