Published: Sat, May 06, 2017
Research | By Chelsea Rogers

Zimbabwe's Mugabe: 'We Are Not a Poor Country, I Call America Fragile'

Zimbabwe's Mugabe: 'We Are Not a Poor Country, I Call America Fragile'

According to the Fragile States Index, in 2016 some of the continent's most fragile states included Somalia, South Sudan, Zimbabwe, Niger, Burundi, Central Africa Republic, and Chad. He is often pictured sleeping at most of these global events, a sign that his body and mind needs rest.

During a panel discussion at the World Economic Forum (WEF) meeting in Durban, South Africa, Mugabe was asked by the panel chair Anton du Plessis whether Zimbabwe was a fragile state.

Jacob Zuma says he held a good, friendly and brotherly discussion with President Robert Mugabe. "Not just maize, we have cotton and tobacco ... we are not a poor country", Mugabe said.

"I would go so far as to say that his mere presence is a symbol of the fragility of our country, and we need to re-invent our brand". Incredibly, the 93-year-old authoritarian ruler, considered a dictator by many, is running for another term in office. However, to materialise it into a conducive economy there is a stumbling block, hence making Zimbabwe the poorest country.

Artificial 'biobag' womb for extremely premature newborns in testing
They all appeared to grow normally, without any significant changes in their blood pressure and other important health measures. Instead, they're created to help preterm babies develop normally if their mother's can't carry them for a full pregnancy.

"Zimbabwe is one of the most highly developed countries in Africa, and after South Africa". I think that is completely wrong because there are elements of fragility everywhere."When we talking about fragility we think about countries, in fact, the spinover effects of fragility in one area can outgrow consequences".

The village spokesman continued: "They finally received our petition and took down our contact details before they promised to get back to us".

A "fragile" state is a low-income country characterised by weak capacity and/or weak legitimacy leaving citizens vulnerable to both natural and man-made shocks.

"We call on all countries that respect and acknowledge the rights of the people in the world to come to our support when we say that all those who are involved direct or indirect in the gross violation of human rights in our country to face the law‚" the statement said.

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