Published: Sun, June 18, 2017
World News | By Penny Hart

Newt Gingrich: Mueller Russia Investigation a 'Rigged Game'

The latest? Trump is reportedly considering whether to fire recently appointed special counsel Robert Mueller - the former director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who was tasked last month with investigating the Russian Federation matter.

Christopher Ruddy, CEO of Newsmax Media and friend of Donald Trump, floated the notion on Monday that the President might dismiss special counsel Mueller.

The New York Times reported that to fire Mueller, Trump would have to order Deputy Attorney General Rod J. Rosenstein to turn back regulations that protect ta special counsel from being fired for no good reason.

Chris Ruddy to @JudyWoodruff: President Trump is considering firing special counsel Robert Mueller, who he considered for another position. The option is still on the table, but Ruddy's move takes away the president's element of surprise.

Mr Rosenstein is charged with Mr Mueller's fate because Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from all matters having to do with the Trump-Russia investigation.

Comey said he and other Federal Bureau of Investigation officials expected Sessions to recuse himself before it was publicly announced but would not discuss why they came to that conclusion. "I think the best thing to do is to let Robert Mueller do his job".

Not only would it demonstrate an overly-muscular declaration that the president is willing to dismiss anyone who poses a personal threat, it would suggest that he is nervous about what Mueller might uncover in the ongoing Russian probe, in which Comey testified, damningly, last week.

The Code of Federal Regulations stipulates that the attorney general alone has the authority to appoint or to remove a special counsel.

Ruddy - who is a close confidante of the president - said it's evident termination is on the table due to recent comments Trump's attorney made.

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It warned that authorities would take all necessary measures to prevent provocations or any action threatening public security. Navalny, Russia's most prominent opposition figure, has been arrested numerous times for a variety of accused crimes.

During a hearing on Tuesday before a joint House and Senate appropriations subcommittee, Rosenstein was asked whether he had seen any evidence of that. "I don't think he's really pondering it", Rep. Adam Kinzinger said.

"I know Bob Mueller and I have confidence in Bob Mueller", House Speaker Paul Ryan said.

Reporters spotted Ruddy leaving the White House Monday.

Justice Department spokesman Ian Prior declined to comment on the possibility of Trump seeking to remove Mueller.

Asked about Trump's own contention that the president fired Comey with the Russian Federation probe in mind, and regardless of any recommendation from anyone else, Sessions said: "I guess I'll just have to let his words speak for themselves".

He says he is confident that Mueller will have "the full independence he needs" to investigate thoroughly. Trump has suggested there might be tapes of his encounters with Comey; Comey said last week that "lordy" he hopes there are.

Rosenstein's comments come just a few hours after one of Trump's longtime friends told "PBS NewsHour" the president was thinking about firing Mueller.

This immediately followed Rosenstein saying that he knew of no cause for firing Mueller. A lawyer for Trump said on ABC News Sunday that he is "not going to speculate" about whether Trump may fire Mueller. Sessions told senators on Tuesday that he'd recused himself because he was part of Trump's campaign.

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