Published: Fri, June 09, 2017
World News | By Penny Hart

Qatar says Turkish military to ensure its safety

Qatar says Turkish military to ensure its safety

The response was to accusations from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain and Egypt of supporting terrorist groups and having relations with Iran.

"We don't believe in a military solution", he said.

"The dispute between Qatar and some Arab countries threatens the stability of the whole region", the Foreign Minister told reporters explaining that diplomacy remains Doha's preferred choice.

Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman vowed defiantly on Thursday in an interview with Al Jazeera that Qatar would not give in to pressure to change its policies despite isolation from surrounding countries.

The foreign minister pointed to the campaign that was aimed at Qatar in Western capitals and the United States, expressing regret that some GCC ambassadors are carrying out a campaign of incitement and distortion of Qatar's reputation contrary to the basic charter of GCC and the social cord between GCC states.

A top Emirati diplomat said Wednesday "there's nothing to negotiate" with Qatar over a growing diplomatic dispute about the energy-rich nation's alleged funding of terror groups, signaling Arab countries trying to isolate it won't back down.

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Highlighting the works his government has done, PM said: "We took decision to curb the obstacles of laws after coming to power". Only Syria and Nicaragua are non-participants in the 195-nation accord agreed in Paris in 2015.

He added that the transport blockade declared by the Saudi-led group of countries opposing Qatar in the ongoing row would not hurt Doha.

"This is not about regime change - this is about change of policy, change of approach", said Anwar Gargash, the UAE state minister for foreign affairs.

"We have been isolated because we are successful and progressive..."

"We are not ready to surrender, and will never be ready to surrender the independence of our foreign policy", he said.

The FM noted that the Turkish contingent in Qatar is also the guarantor of security in the region, reads a message of Qatar's Foreign Ministry. We are a platform for peace not terrorism. "They are being very opportunistic; they are making a bet that political Islam will allow them to be the paymaster of the Arab world and they can reap economic benefit".

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