Published: Sun, June 11, 2017
Research | By Chelsea Rogers

Star Wars Battlefront II Details Unveiled at E3

Star Wars Battlefront II Details Unveiled at E3

EA is giving E3 an early start today with its live-stream presentation, and fans who were waiting for the next glimpse of Star Wars: Battlefront II were not disappointed. Here we are going to highlight each one of those experiences. In fact, all of the game's DLC will be free, a marked change from what's thought of as the usual EA way of doing things.

Furthermore, we got to see some more content for Battlefield 1.

Electronic Arts officially kicked off this year's E3 advert-a-palooza this afternoon with its EA Play press briefing. But instead of simply expanding the action, In the Name of the Tsar will include new night maps. DICE also promised new content in the coming months.

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Global development team lead Patrick Soderlund takes the stage next, saying that Battlefield is getting a new competitive "experience, ' but provides no real details". We'll find out when the game releases this September.

Federation Internationale de Football Association 18 was also shown off. Christiano Ronaldo is on the cover of the game and the football player has been motion captured in order to ensure maximum realism and immersion. This transitions into a trailer for the upcoming Madden NFL 18, focusing on the new story mode that will be present in the game dubbed "Longshot". Free expansions will keep more players playing for longer, and that in turn will mean more opportunities for EA to sell crates. We have seen this concept in games like GTA V and this should be very interesting seeing how this is a racing game. The game's creator says that it's designed for split-screen cooperative play only, although it is possible to play online too. You can check out the awesome looking new trailer for the game below. Introducing microtransactions in place of paid DLC will likely make the game just that much better.

You can view the trailer below. The newest installment of the Federation Internationale de Football Association franchise will feature motion capture from Portuguese athlete Cristiano Ronaldo, while NBA Live 18 is taking a new approach to gameplay with a campaign dubbed The One. Not bad for some solo gaming fun there. Multiplayer will feature more heroes, vehicles, planets and features content from across all eras. Everyone and their aunt knows that BioWare has been working on a new IP and that it's most likely a persistent-world-shooter in the mould of Destiny. Whether you're shooting an enemy player, blowing up a ship with a tracked missile or capturing an objective you'll earn battlepoints for all of them - at one point during the livestream we saw a ship simply spawn and then crash into a building, and that player still earned BP.

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