Published: Mon, June 12, 2017
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Wonder Woman - DC finally get it right

Wonder Woman - DC finally get it right

When watching Wonder Woman, it is easy to find some sequences that are pulled straight out of Donner's Superman.

Female director Patty Jenkins has also claimed that things are looking up for women in action films.

"It appears that at the Berg Palestine theater in Ramallah, they are afraid that the audience will enjoy the excellent movie Wonder Woman and can not separate politics from an American film", Mordechai wrote.

"Wonder Woman" is seeing the opposite effect, with almost unanimous critical praise and strong word-of-mouth allowing it to post a second weekend total just 45 percent down from its $103 million opening. One of the nice surprises in the performance of Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman is her ability to remind us that innocence is not ignorance and idealism does not have to devolve into world-weariness.

Always referring to herself as Diana, Princess of Themyscira, Wonder Woman is a beacon of righteousness, decency and justice.

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"Given how deeply we've dug the depths of comic book heroes, the fact that it's summer of 2017 before we see Wonder Woman get the big motion picture treatment is really kind of astounding to me", said Robert Thompson, professor of popular culture at Syracuse University.

In the last few years, DC Comics have tried to match the unmatchable feat of 40-odd films by rival Marvel and apart from the Batman trilogy, no other film managed to come near Stan Lee's creations - until now. Her naivete and passion for uncompromised justice make her story enjoyable and encouraging, if not bordering on corny at times. Sure, every body is different but you'd think after training for her whole life she'd look less like a Victoria's Secret model and more like a boxing champion. The teacher noted just some of the best Wonder Woman related incidents that happened in her class within a week of the film being released. "She is the version of feminism that we need at that time".

"I liked how they showed all the Amazons as strong women, protectors, and just fearless", Franklin said at the AMC theater in Methuen.

Have you seen The Mummy, what did you think? I am still waiting for my muscular, hairy-legged, mascara-less superhero to kick ass on the silver screen, but it seems her arrival may take longer than anticipated. "One who is self-confident is not afraid of movies - even if it's "Wonder Woman" standing before him", he added.

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